• Because of the lockdowns and the heat: household electricity consumption increased by 7.6% in 2020

    Household electricity consumption increased by about 7.6% in 2020 – as indicated from the summary data of the national electricity Independent System Operator company. However, national consumption remained unchanged.

    According to the company, the increase is attributed to two factors: the first is the series of lockdowns imposed on the public since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, and the second is climate change and the heat waves that hit the country – which required use of air conditioners also at times when electricity consumption is not relatively high.

  • Increased electricity consumption – mainly due to climate change, not the corona

    The Independent System Operator company, which is responsible for managing the electricity sector in Israel, published a summary of electricity production and consumption for 2020. The summary indicates that electricity consumption increased by 0.6% in 2020 compared to the corresponding consumption the previous year. The increase was the result of climate phenomena, some unprecedented

  • Will the change in electricity planning lead to an upside in renewable energy stocks?

    The Independent System Operator company will replace the Israel Electric Corporation in planning the Israeli electricity sector and will focus on achieving the goal of 30% renewable energy by 2030. “It is a challenge”, admits the company’s CEO, Yoram Cohen, in an interview to Bizportal, “we will push for regulatory changes if needed”.

  • The Independent System Operator of the national electricity network will receive responsibility for planning in December

    The Independent System Operator of the national electricity network will receive responsibility for national planning (PDT – planning, development and technologies) of the electricity sector already next month, as Calcalist has learned. This is part of the reform in the Israel Electricity Corporation, which is planned to transfer the national System Management unit from the IEC and turn it into an independent unit that will operate as part of a designated government entity


  • The Electricity Authority gets the Independent System Operator company underway

    The Electricity Authority publishes for a hearing a series of decisions that will enable the start of activity of the Independent System Operator company at the beginning of December 2020. Among other things, the Authority published a lateral and broad correction to the Book of Criteria such that the regulation that will apply to the new company will be in accordance with the division of responsibilities as set forth by the reform. Furthermore, in advance of the hearing a payment mechanism between the companies and the company’s return on capital will be published

  • Energy Minister Dr. Yuval Steinmetz and the Electricity Authority approved today the start of the Independent System Operator company’s activity.

    Energy Minister Dr. Yuval Steinmetz: “For the first time in history management of the Israeli electricity system will no longer be in the hands of the Israel Electric Corporation and becomes independent and autonomous. This is an important stage in the implementation of the reform in the Israel Electric Corporation, which got underway after tens of years of attempts to do so. The dramatic step will lead to increased competition in the electricity sector, accelerated privatization of power plants, increased electricity quotas from solar energy, and also to decreased electricity tariffs .