Planning, Development and Technologies

The division is responsible for:

Information management, data collection and dissemination – the unit collects, receives, stores and manages information and data about the generation and transmission systems, and monitors technologies in the development field.

Preparing a long-term plan – preparing an integrative development plan for the generation and transmission , starting with forecasting power plant operational regimes and fuel consumption of each plant, optimizing generation system plan, developing models for planning the generation system and for assessing trade planning.

Planning the development of the generation system – planning the generation system development, including recommendations for the required generation and storage capacity, as well as the optimal mix, location and timing for integration of generation and storage facilities. In addition, setting criteria for planning the development of the generation system.

Planning the development of the transmission system – planning the transmission system development, starting with processing forecast data, planning the transformation system, system-wide engineering characterization of transformation facilities and the major equipment, and formulation of a multi-year development plan for the transmission system.   

Engineering and statutory planning – statutory planning and advancing the outline plan (including environmental impact surveys) of transformation, transmission and generation projects related to the development plan.

Formulating the Grid Code, regulations and system requirements - formulating and publishing Grid Code, regulations and system requirements for generation units in different technologies. Carrying out technical coordination.

Conducting surveys and committing to connect facilities – conducting planning and connection surveys and committing to connect facilities. Carrying out technical coordination.

Inspecting the transmission and the generation facilities that are connected to the transmission  system – defining the required tests and carrying out technical coordination prior to their commercial operation.

Formulating guidelines regarding development of the distribution system, conducting surveys of the distribution network and R&D regarding the electricity sector – formulating guidelines for the distribution license holder regarding all aspects related to the connection points and the mutual effects between the transmission  system and the distribution system, and also regarding system requirements pertaining to reception of decentralized generation  and storage in the distribution system.

Research and development of the electricity sector – preparing “technology packets” of energy generation and environmental impacts, keeping up-to-date regarding innovations in generation  technologies, managing database of system generation and storage technologies and assessing the impacts of innovative technologies on the system.