Statistics and Market Research

The Statistics and Market Research unit is responsible for forecasting electricity demand in order to plan and develop the electricity sector. The forecasts are conducted for the short, mid and long-term. The unit is also responsible for analytical analyses addressing a range of organizational needs, among them designing models of trade and PV development in the electricity sector.  

The unit’s main goal is to develop electricity demand forecasting capabilities by using innovative models while taking into consideration the development of future new uses and their impact on demand (e.g., electric cars, water desalination, etc.). Forecasting is conducted using advanced computing tools, while remaining up-to-date regarding statistical methods.

As a unit that specializes in data, the Statistics and Market Research unit engages in data quality testing and in deriving knowledge from information and its presentation. It does so using AI tools combined with human knowledge accumulated in the organization. The unit’s goal is to consolidate all information-related organizational needs and to employ analysis and research tools while adopting a broad view of the organization’s needs and addressing the full range of needs of all company units.