Environment and Sustainability

Sustainable Planning, Development and Technologies in the Independent System Operator Company

The world is stepping towards a point of no return in the climate crisis and significant global measures must be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, of which emissions from conventional electricity production make up a significant share.

Power  generation throughout the world has undergone considerable changes in recent years, among them the massive entry of Power generation  from renewable sources such as the use of solar panels to take advantage of solar energy, use of wind to power turbines, etc…

Adopting a sustainability approach leads corporations to develop and employ new technologies for electricity production, energy storage and energetic efficiency.  

The Israel Independent System Operator company joins this world trend, setting as its foremost goal to turn the Israeli electricity sector into a sustainable energy market that is low-carbon, competitive and reliable. This will include 30% electricity consumption from renewable sources, a goal set by the Energy Ministry for 2030.

Utilizing advanced tools and employing professional, reliable and experienced personnel, the company plans the highest-standard production and delivery system with a sustainability approach. Alongside conventional production the company will combine increasingly growing production from renewable sources with energy storage in line with the global technological development and innovation.

As part of its sustainability approach the company will support energy efficiency measures led by the Ministry of Energy.

For preserving transparency and openness values, public engagement activities will be conducted in the early system planning stages.

Sustainability and environmental protection principles will be integrated into the company’s activities, including development, operations and routine activities.